Experiences Drive Our Cultures, Passions, and Values

One's collection of experiences brings about personal identity and worldview.

Our Mission

Securing Impactful Investment Opportunities

Jupiter was founded to democratize investment opportunities in alternative assets – specifically art and collectibles – through a regulated securities exchange. To meet our mission, we blended our appreciation for cultural and individual differences with our diverse backgrounds in global financial markets and business operations to deliver unique solutions to complex problems. Our pursuit to innovate markets and address today’s challenges is what motivates us to constantly push boundaries and discover over-the-horizon solutions.

Our mission is to deliver the Jupiter Alternative Asset user community with educational opportunities and experiences to supplement their investment opportunities in alternative asset listings.

An art gallery displays colorful paintings of landscapes, still life, and portraits. Fine art and original photographs are investible alternative assets.

Uniting individuals around the passion of ownership in alternative assets, the ability to diversify portfolios, and the potential to realize the appreciation of an asset’s value by securitizing investments in Art, Collectibles & Memorabilia, and Vehicles.

Growing Our Mission

Preserving the Environment for Future Generations

Captivating aerial view of coastal landscape with a vibrant blue sky and fluffy clouds.

Jupiter has progressed our mission with new financial products focused on the carbon markets.  Our environment provides us with a continuous abundance of life – we believe in the importance of maintaining it for future generations.

Jupiter Environmental Assets uses principles of open financial markets and capital injection to streamline the end-to-end value chain of the voluntary carbon credit and compliance markets.  Suppliers benefit from a centralized, regulated exchange to off-take their certified credits.  Consumers gain confidence with a vehicle to source certified credits. Through the definition and listing of new financial products built on a standardized data taxonomy, investors from the capital markets bridge the gap between supply and consumption to secure the certified projects that meet their defined objectives.

Promoting a cleaner environment and meeting sustainability objectives by providing a conduit to connect carbon suppliers, carbon consumers, and the capital markets through Futures and Options contracts.

Our Locations

Jupiter has offices and presence in New York City and Washington, DC in the United States and Rome, Italy.

Seeking to unite the world around the financial products that we offer

World map accented in blue colors.